Monday, September 12, 2016


Selenge, Mongolia 

Selenge is the place where I was born and is one of the 21 provinces of Mongolia. It's located in the north of the country and bordered with Russia. The name of the province is derived from the Selenge river. 

It always excites me and brings back sweet memories of my childhood. Because, I made my first chilhood friends here and grew up playing with them till the age of six. Even tough, we never meet each other again ever since I moved to UB /the capital city of Mongolia/ they still remain as the sweetest friends of my chilhood to me.  As a child, I was quite and shy may be I still am but not really shy though hehe.

I visited my hometown with my family this summer for a day and it was super joyful. It’s our tradition to get on Saikhnii Hutul, which is famous spot of Selenge. So, we went to “Saikhnii Hutul” – is located at the borderline of Mongolia and Russia and is the best spot for sight seeing the joint rivers of Orkhon and Selenge from the top.  The weather was absolutely perfect with the light wind on and off. Because we got there around 3 pm the sun wasn’t directing at my face blocking my view which happens for me everytime when I get there. So this time I was lucky to have managed to get there at the right time. To have a great picture, the lighting matters a lot. 

This year's trip was great as always - I will never get bored of this place <3 

Stay positive, stay fabulous 


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