Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Seoul, South Korea

My first Seoul winter experience - it was quite a different level of winter than I get in Ulaanbaatar. The winter temperature in Mongolia vary depending on the areas. The coldest parts are countrysides and the temperature goes up to -50 celsius. But in Seoul, the weather was tolerable, depending on its humidity the coldness wasn't bad either. I would say it felt like a fall in countryside of Mongolia. As you see me in the picture, I brought my long winter coat with me.
Even though it's very light in weight, it kept me warm but too warm sometimes to the point where I felt like I had overdressed for the weather. As the weather is unpredictable sometimes, the days can be like a nice sunny fall days or like a real winter days with minus temperature.  But I had no other choice than putting this coat on and just go with it. Because I didn't bring any extra to change. Things I witnessed in Seoul were, the girls wear very thick winter parkas/puffers and thin nude thighs with skirt and pair that with ballerinas and pumps. You got the idea of how winter is in Seoul? The way we dress in winter here in Mongolia is complete opposite in Seoul.   Well,  mental note to myself:  If I ever go back to Seoul in winter time in the future, I'll bring extra fall coats along with winter coat with me.

I went to very nice buffet with my mam and my mam's friend's family. The american buffet restaurant called Ashley. From salad to dessert everything was delicious even the interior and decorations. They got my attention. There were many sections of room in the restaurant and each of them are decorated according to the theme. I captured this cute mannequin decorated with different kinds of flowers in the wedding section of the restaurant. That room looked so magical.

As it was close to Christmas, the dessert were very festive and one of them are this one. Candy cane on the side, brownie and whipped cream underneath. Yum, yum, yummy....

 Flamingo themed room - this is the room we had dinner. Important message on the wall written with pink led lights. I just had to take my picture in front of the wall. Haha #putthephonesawaywhileeating

 Rose gelate? Yes please. Found this gelato place in Myeongdong ( the famous tourist shopping street). This is the most beautiful ice cream I ever had so far. It tasted as good as it looks. I especially loved the yogurt flavor - the white petals.

There were just too many beautiful, eye catching light decorations everywhere. I captured few of them and shared on my Insta stories.

All photos are taken by my iPhone.

Stay positive, stay fabulous

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