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When it comes to packing for travel it can be vary depending on your destination and the season of the city you’re going to. So always check the weather first and lay out everything you want to bring with you on a trip. Then plan your outfit, this way you know what you'll need and what won't. It’s one of my favorite ways to pack and it's always easier. You will never forget your essentials.
On each trip I learn how to pack light like a pro which means just leave your non-essentials at home. It takes practice and can be a headache for the first time to even think about what to pack for your trip without overpacking. You don’t want to pay for extra kg on each check-ins. Reducing down your unnecessary items and figuring out your essentials that will actually need you can be quite tricky. So here’s my tips and guide on what to pack and how I do it.
Make a check list !!! It always helps.
Pack your luggage and carry on’s a day ahead if you don’t want to freak yourself out. 
What I pack in my in-flight beauty bag 
1. Lip balm –I always like always carry a lip balm with me strangely my lips always dries or chapped regardless of where I am.
2. Tooth brush
3. Tooth paste – Your flight hour can be vary depending on your destination so always make sure to have a fresh breath.
4. Eye drop- my eyes get red and tired easily during flight because of either I watch too many movies or read through magazines to entertain myself when I am on a long flight.
5. Hand cream – I wash and wipe my hands too often it makes my hands feel so dry and uncomfortable. Keep those beautiful hands moisturized.
6.  Deodorant – if you never want to smell bad.
7. Makeup wipes- I either get onto the flight with no makeup or take it off as soon as we’re in the air because the plane cabin is so dry in the air I tend to break up a lot.
8. Facial moisturizer – keep the skin hydrated after removing your makeup.
9. Oil blotting film – if you have oily t-zone or just your skin gets oily then just blot it with blotting film.
10. Gum/ mint – it’s nice to keep your tooth and breath fresh and clean.
11. Pad/tampon/panty liner – you never know what’s going to happen, so just be prepared for emergency situations.
12. Powder – I don’t like redoing my makeup when I leave the plane but little bit of powder won’t hurt.
13. Nail file – my nails somehow tend to break during flights so I always bring it with me.
14. Eye mask- if you don't want any harsh light distraction, it’s a must to get a good sleep.
My carry on bag essentials
I always make sure to keep my valuable items with me when I am traveling. Just in case if anything happens to your luggage.
1.     Laptop – simply because you can’t put it in your luggage haha
2.    Camera – I love bringing my camera with me to shoot for my blog and documenting my travel journey wherever I go.
3.     Notebook and pen- inspiration comes from anything, be ready to note that ideas down before it goes away.
4.    Cellphone, earphone and charger- my top essentials.
5.     Credit card- I don’t like to carry cash with me when traveling.
Don’t forget to take a picture to document your travel. It’s the only thing that will bring back all those beautiful memories back to you. When traveling to other countries, it’s important for me to learn the culture, talk to local people and have some traditional foods even if it looks impossible (not appetizing) to eat. Each country differs from each other so without trying these you can’t really know the people and the country.  
Plan your outfits
Depending on your travel purpose, destination and length your outfit changes.
So I created an inspiration boards to give you guys an idea on what outfit to bring on different travels.
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Photographer: Oyun-Erdene Batdelger
Stay positive, stay fabulous x

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