Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Cold weather can be quite tricky when it comes to skin care. Skin care routine changes as season changes. My skin starts to get drier and dehydrated specially during fall/winter time. I’m starting my fall/winter beauty series. I’ll be doing body care, nail, makeup and hair care series. Today I’m sharing my body care routine.  So here we go!
I prefer deep care in fall/winter and gradually change my body care into a rich moisturizer as it provides enough moisture to my skin.  There are definitely few products that I can’t live without.
Body lotion- I always apply rich layer of body lotion as it helps my dry skin feel so much better and makes my skin feel great. Otherwise, I’ll be suffering from dryness the whole day and nobody wants that. You know how it feels having a dry skin, right? This lotion contains shea butter so it delivers enough moisture to my skin and absorbs quickly to the skin.
Foot cream- I don’t use foot cream as often as the body lotion but using foot cream nourishes the skin and much thicker than the body lotion in texture. Giving a little massage for your foot as you apply the cream will make your foot feel relaxed. 
Hand cream- Do you know how many times a day we wash our hand?  Every time when we wash our hand, the soap soaks out its natural moisture.  So, we have to show a little more love to the hands as it ages comparably faster than the rest of your body parts. I usually apply my hand cream before I go to bed.  My hands fell so hydrated the next day. Even though, this hand cream doesn’t smell the best it does its job. 
Lip balm- I have the most chapped lips and no matter how good lip balm I use, I always have to reapply it hundred times a day to keep it in a good condition. Using a shea butter lip balm helps reduce the number of application. This lip balm holds its moisture longer than the regular lip balms.
Stay positive, Stay fabulous x

Photographer: Oyuntungalag Batdelger
Product featured: L'Occitane Shea Butter Body Set 

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